I wrote today’s SPD Blogger Network post on three hours sleep.

We play sensory detective a lot in our house.  Last night was no exception.

Come read Don’t Speak over at the SPDBN and let me know what you think is going on in our home.

Here’s a hint.  It has something to do with this:

ah…hunger. Or not.


I’m incredibly honored to be on the Modern Mom site today.  They have teamed up with Hot Wheels to promote their Take 10 challenge:

There’s one thing that all moms can agree on: kids grow up way too quickly. Before we know it they are out of diapers, heading to kindergarten and off to college. We can’t stop time, but we can take 10. Turn off your iPhone, turn on your imagination and give your child 10 minutes of your undivided attention. Hot Wheels® is here to get you started.

I am sharing our love of all things Hot Wheels over there (including our homemade Halloween Hot Wheels costume), and how those little metal cars changed our lives.  I am grateful to Rachel at Mattel for the opportunity to tell our story.

Please click HERE for “Driving A Deeper Conversation

I was away for four days at a blogging conference in New York.

By the time it was over, I was ready to return home to my family.

But what I didn’t realize was how much I wasn’t ready to return to me.

What happens when you’ve had the oxygen mask on…and then you take it off?

I’m at The Oxygen Mask Project today writing about eggs, bacon, and trying to breathe freely.

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The internet has been abuzz with “The Mommy Wars” – the notion that mothers are in competition with each other over who has the “better” way of parenting.

But I’m involved in a different kind of “Mommy War”.  It’s not about me comparing myself to the mom down the street or across the country.

I’m at The Oxygen Mask Project today, talking about a war that rages inside my own head.

Not the battle of Am I Mom Enough.

But the battle of Am I A Good Enough Mother?

And I have some special friends to thank over there too.

Click HERE for “What Makes You Beautiful”

And if you haven’t yet, read some of the amazing posts over there.  Truly incredible moms and dads sharing what makes them stronger today.  Next post could be from you.

I had a long week.

But I had my first real shower in 5 days today.  And because all my good ideas come to me in the shower, I came up with The Mary Poppins Game.

I wrote it over at The Oxygen Mask Project blog.

What would you do with 24 hours just for you?

I shared what I would do.  And it was definitely not kite-flying.

Come read the post and leave your answer in the comments for everyone to read.

It’s my one year anniversary at Hopeful Parents.  In my very first post for that site, I wrote about acceptance of my son’s diagnosis.

This time, I’m writing about acceptance again.  But in a very different way.

Come join me at Road to Acceptance over at Hopeful Parents.  And click around.  Every day there are some amazing writers sharing their stories about special needs parenting.

Hopeful Parents

Road To Acceptance


And if you have a moment…I’ve been honored with a nomination at Parents Magazine for best Special Needs Blog.  Come vote for me and all the other great blogs there.  They are all worthy of your vote.

Happy Passover!

I’m over at the SPD Blogger Network today for the start of Passover.  And just like the Seder night is different from all other nights, my son is different from all other children.  Come read my plans for a successful and sensory-friendly Passover night.

(and I’m breaking with tradition here by not using a song title.  Somehow the traditional songs of Let My People Go and Dayenu just didn’t have that mass appeal…)

SPD Blogger Network Post

Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?

Click HERE to read Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?