For those of you who know me, you’ll see that the names of my three favorite boys have been changed.  While I’ve already “outed” them on the internet in some respects, I thought it was appropriate to try to protect them as much as possible.  Someday they’ll leave the nest (hopefully!) and be out on their own, and I’d like to make sure their life as children doesn’t come back to haunt them someday.

The names I have chosen for them all have special meaning to me in their own way, so I could pay tribute to those special people in my life while protecting my little guys.

Gerry is my oldest – my “typical” kid who is anything but typical. Howie is my middle guy – a bundle of energy and love of life. He was diagnosed with ASD at age 3 1/2 in December 2009. My youngest is Lewis who is trying desperately to get a word in edgewise with his brothers.

My husband Tim – my amazing partner and my soulmate – wanted to be called Remington. Ah, no.

2 Responses to “Names Changed to Protect the Guilty”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I just read “Outing Howie” in Bay State Parent and it was as if I were reading my own words. Our son was recently diagnosed with PPD-NOS as well and I have been struggling ever since with the “label” and the stigma that accompanies it. I am careful with how much information I reveal and to whom because I fear that he will be prejudged based on his diagnosis. At the same time I sometimes feel the need to explain his behavior and provide an excuse for it. I am still not sure what the right approach is for us or for my son, but it was comforting to see someone else struggling with the same issue. Thank you for putting it into words!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Its so amazing and refreshing to not only find a great blogger, but someone who lives close by. Thank you Thank you — maybe someday you can join us at Rhythms of Grace, we’d love it!!

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