I can’t make resolutions because I always fall flat.  They are always bigger than me, bigger than what I can take on.  Eat better.  Join a gym.  Get more sleep.  All lofty and important goals.

All completely unattainable at this point in my life.  If these were my goals, I would fail.

Not quite the outcome I need.

So instead of making a CHANGE, I’m making some changes.

Little “c”.  And plural.

I’m over at The Oxygen Mask Project, talking about matching my socks and taking a shower every day.

Baby steps that make me feel like me.

But it’s also about realizing that I am as worthy as everyone else in my family.  If I match their socks and make sure they shower, don’t I deserve the same?

Come on over.

Click HERE for A Change (Will Do You Good)

If you know someone who needs a reminder to breathe, tell them about The Oxygen Mask Project.  It’s a site for ALL parents – moms and dads – and not just special needs parents.

Come join us.