I was blown away.

The comments on my “Defying Gravity – The Giveaway” post were incredible.


As the entry in the Motorola Xoom giveaway, I asked readers to share their child’s “defying gravity” story – a moment when they exceeded expectations.

The moment when they were through “accepting limits, because someone said they’re so.”


Go back and read the comments on the post because what our kids have done is truly incredible.  And what they will continue to do will be even more spectacular.

Like the children who were told they would never walk who are now running.

Or the children who were told they would never talk who are now having conversations.  And singing.

Or the children who are pushing themselves to make friends, try new foods, ride bikes, fight bullies, stack blocks, draw pictures, go to the dentist, and advocate for themselves in school and in life.

All of you who shared your story – I am inspired by you as parents.

And your children are nothing short of heroes.  All of them.

Every single “defying gravity” moment is huge.  I get it.  We all do.

Evidence of that?  This comment from Molly:

Our children defy gravity in a million ways every day, because their own gravity is relative. This week, O started consistently trying to engage children in play in school. This didn’t always end well, for anyone, but we choose to focus on what we “will” do rather than what we were told we’d “never” do. And while, to most, our gravity is less…grave?…again, it is relative. Assess the gravity you face and defy it on your own, in your own way.

Assess the gravity you face and defy it on your own.  Exactly.

Click HERE to read all the comments on the post.

We could pick only one winner, chosen at random from all eligible comments by random.org.  The winner was Eric S, a dad to two sensational kids.  Congratulations to Eric and his family!

I wish I had Oprah money and could give a tablet to everyone who needed one.

I know that Motorola will be doing more giveaways, so I’ll post any that I see on my Facebook page.

Check out sites like Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) for help in getting your child an iPad.  If you’re a military family, check out iPads 4 Military Families. Sites like Technology in (Spl) Education have information on apps by IEP goal and listings of free and discounted apps.  Ask your schools to apply for grants to get the tablets in the hands of our kids’ teachers.  And of course, be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.

I know the power of this technology as I have seen it in action not only in my own house, but in my friends’ houses as well.  I wish everyone could experience it.

Thank you again for sharing your stories with me.  This is an incredible community and I am proud to be a part of it.

I will remember this always.

In every way,
And forever more
That’s how you’ll stay.  – Unforgettable by Nat King Cole