Awareness is cropping up everywhere.

Top 25 Autism Blogs from Babble

I am so honored to be on this list.  Click on the picture and you’ll see the full list of twenty-five blogs.  Many of them are friends of mine.  Some of them I’ve been reading since we started on this autism journey back in December 2009.  A few of them were new to me.  But not anymore.

This list is part of a series of posts from Babble for Autism Awareness Month.  They’ve had a list of the Top 30 Facebook Pages for Autism Awareness, a story from a dad coming to terms with his son’s diagnosis, and an essay from a mom who is not afraid of the “a-word“.  They’ve also posted red flag lists and resource information on their website and Facebook page for EVERY ONE of their readers to see.

I think that’s pretty impressive.

So take a minute to click around on their site.  And take a second to thank them for using their platform to spread awareness and understanding to all their subscribers.

Thank you, Babble.  For this great honor and for sharing our stories with your readers.

And I found myself in places I thought I’d never go
Surrounded by strangers I was so far from home
And I don’t know how you found me
All I know is I owe everything to you
Yes I do” – Thank You by Keith Urban (from his album Defying Gravity)