I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled Hopeful Parents posting day to pass along an important letter from a friend of mine.  Jess, who writes at A Diary of a Mom, wrote this amazing letter to President Obama.  She’s asking him to “Light It Up Blue” at the White House on April 2nd for World Autism Awareness Day.

She asked those of us who support this idea to comment on her letter.

I’m asking you too.

Here’s the comment I left:

Jess speaks for the thousands of us parents out here looking to you to lead the way. Showing your support by “Lighting It Up Blue” would not only show parents that you are with us, but our children too.

Mr. President, my eight year old son needs to see that you understand what we’re going through as a family. His four-year-old brother has autism, and he sees the challenges his brother faces and asks constantly if there’s ways we can help. My oldest child alternates between being frustrated by his brother’s behavior and being protective and supportive. He has done it in silence because he doesn’t want any of his friends to know about his brother.

But just recently, for the first time ever, he asked his teacher how they were going to commemorate Autism Awareness month in April. For the first time, he’s going public with it.

Mr. President, if my eight-year-old son wants to Light It Up Blue, don’t you think you can too? If only to show the siblings that autism is nothing to be ashamed of? That there’s nothing more important than supporting their brothers and sisters in their daily struggles?

Thank you.
Sincerely, Alysia (mother of three boys)

Please join the hundreds of people who are urging the President to Light It Up Blue, for just one day.  Together, as one voice, we can make a statement for awareness.

Click Here for Light The White House Blue