So…I won!

SPB Blogger Awards Winner

An octopus - all those arms for hugs!

I am so honored – I can’t even tell you.  Thank you to whomever nominated me, and thanks to anyone who voted for me.  When I started this blog last year, I didn’t start it to be inspiring.  I started it so the words swirling around my head could get out somewhere, and not explode all over the next person to talk to me.  I have been influenced and inspired by so many people, including my fellow award winners at Pancakes Gone Awry, I’m Just That Way and That’s Me, Hello.World, and Help! SOS For Parents.  My fellow nominees (Chynna, Heather and Barb) are writers I read everyday, so check them out as well!

Speaking of inspirational, I’ve updated my blog list on the side of my home page.  There’s a new list titled “You’re The Inspiration” (yes, I was a Chicago fan when I was younger, so sue me…)  These are the blogs I read every day, sometimes twice.  When I need a little help to get through the toughest moments, these writers get me through, with humor, grace and dignity.  Many of them I now consider my friends.  I’m sure I’m missing some – so don’t hate me if your blog isn’t there…yet!

And one more addition – at the top of the home page I’ve added a new page called “Cover Bands”.  It’s all the other places where I write.  Or have written.  And hopefully will write again.

Again, a big thank you.  I appreciate it more than you know.

Once upon a time I walked an easy road
Didn’t think I needed anyone.
I could make it on my own
Never thought about tomorrow, just livin’ day to day
Never thought these clouds would come along
And bring me so much pain
When my world was upside down
I didn’t think that I could make it,
Reached out my hand for you
And you were there to take it” – Thank You by Christina Milian